My mother had been a resident in University Place for almost a decade and finally reached the point where she needed more care than they could provide as her dementia had worsened and her will to eat vanished. She was placed on hospice, and at the recommendation of her Nurse Practitioner, we moved her to Com For Care. Our family was flabbergasted at the amount of personal care they provided for an extremely reasonable price when compared to the cost at University Place. All the meals I saw were prepared with fresh, not canned ingredients and smelled delicious. She was attended to night and day and always with a kind and caring attitude. It was evident that everyone truly cared. We had a camera in her room, with the owner's permission, so that we could keep a close eye on my mother since she had fallen before and could see that someone checked on her regularly during the night encouraging her to eat and drink and attending to any needs. They tried everything to encourage her to eat including pureeing food, providing ice cream, making milk shakes and smoothies, spoon feeding her, and everything else we and they could think of, but to no avail as my mother only lived a few more weeks. When she died, we were notified immediately. As her death approached, they spoke with each family member when they visited to help them come to accept that she was dying and that they were there to help in any way they could. When she died, they were in no rush to empty her room for the next person as many places are and only charged us for the time my mother was alive, not the entire last month. I wholeheartedly recommend Ann and Com For Care. I believe that they will provide unrivaled care for your loved ones. Not that it matters, but I have been an RN for more than 2 decades and know what excellent care is. This is as good as it gets. You will feel like family here.
David W
My spouse is unfortunately very frail from acquired brain injury and requires 24/7 care. She has been a resident at Com For Care for nearly 3 years now and I couldn't say more good things about the care she receives. This is a loving and caring home with tremendous caregivers that go the extra mile, and it is managed by RN's with daily RN visits to all residents. They also manage my wife's medications and prescriptions which takes the worry away from me. They do a great job, and I am very happy with the level of care she receives - I would recommend Com For Care to anyone who needs long term personal care for their loved one.
John Procter
My brother and I finally decided to place our 90 year old mother in a supervised home care facility when she turned 90. She has profound dementia. I have worked in healthcare my entire career. My main criteria for placement were safety, quality care, standard of care, and a loving environment. We were so happy to find com for care, it is the perfect environment for our mother. It is all about the staff, they have been employed on average 20 years, they are qualified and well trained, nurses oversee the care provided to the residents, they assure that needs are met such as meal time feeding assistance, beverages offered throughout the day, dental care, and all the needs for someone who cannot take care of themselves. We are very pleased and do not worry about our mother. She is now 92 and doing great! Hats off to the staff of com for care! Thank you, jodi beauregard
Jodi Beauregard
I had nothing but a stellar experience at this care home. My family was having a hard time taking care of my grandparents due to work schedules and other commitments. We decided that we would look for a place that would geniunely take care of our love ones the way we would take care of them. We have no regrets in choosing this place. Everyone was very friendly, accomodating and service was impeccable. I definitely recommend this place!
Kim Alzarez
The staff at com assisted living are caring and professional. My Mother resides at this home and we absolutely love it, the locations is central which makes it easy for us to visit. Home is always clean and neat. I highly recommended it.
Jackeline Valdez
Our mother is having a great experience at Com For Care. She is getting much more attentive help. At this stage of her life the former assisted living place was leaving her struggling as her mobility decreased. Ann really helped with the transition which of course was unsettling for mom. Unlike her previous experience the turnover in staff at Com For Care is low to non existent. Because it is a house rather than a facility it is much more personal and homey, a better atmosphere. The staff are very accommodating. We had a really short timeline to make this change and we really lucked out with our choice.
Rich Doty
I started researching different facilities for my 87 year old father around a year ago. It was going to be soon that my mom could no longer care for him. After visiting facilities, my search was over when I met Ann at Com For Care in Bellaire. The atmosphere was great and all residents were clean and dressed watching tv at the time. He finally entered her Leader street home a few months ago when he was released from the hospital quickly. Was very happy an opening at last minute notice but good thing I had looked earlier. He entered the home under hospice and was in very poor condition. We visited him very often and the staff was very kind and caring. Good atmosphere with things going on and a friendly cat to make it feel like home. After 3 previous stays in a skilled nursing facility, we had to be there most of the day cause he needed help with meals. They drop the tray and run. For the first time, we got a break when I put him in the com for care home and I did not have to worry about him getting help with his ensure or meal or being taken care of. In addition, very nice that he was always well groomed. I have found that the big nice looking facilities don't have enough staff for residents. Some people even hired sitters to help their loved ones. My dad actually improved after he arrived at the Leader st home but later ended up passing away. We really appreciate the kindness and caring for my dad at Com For Care. Thank you, Lori
Lori McAlexander

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