How Our Caregivers Provide Quality Service

Here at Com For Care we pride ourselves in the quality of nursing care we provide our patients. Aside from having all their needs met, their families can also rest assured that their loved ones are being cared for in the best way possible. How do we do this? Simple:

  • With our staff of specially trained Personal Care Assistants, along with Registered Nurses who are available, on-call, 24/7 providing regular health monitoring.
  • Our facilities that provide a family home environment so that our patients will feel comfortable and at ease.
  • And the comprehensive services we offer. We guarantee that our Assisted Living care homes will meet your senior loved one’s needs.

Beyond these, the following elements are what makes sets our quality of care apart and defines the spirit or character of Com For Care:

Our Passion for Caring

Senior care is our calling and our tradition. Our caregivers have a shared passion in providing the best quality of care possible for their patients, developing a bond with them. This personal connection is what makes our assisted living homes special, they aren’t sterile environments but places with genuine warmth. We treasure our residents and are dedicated towards their well-being.

Our Philosophy Towards Service

We believe that our personal approach to care improves the way we deliver our services and the effects of those services have on our residents. It makes their lives and their experiences better – and this gives our staff fulfillment.

Leadership that’s Connected

Ann Garcia, owner of Com For Care, says that taking care of patients is her source of joy and satisfaction. This dedication was why the previous owner of Com For Care, Peggy McCall, chose her to continue the company’s legacy. And even to this day, while serving as the owner and manager of Com For Care, she makes sure to do bedside nursing at Com For Care every week, keeping herself sharp and staying in touch with the staff and the residents. In her own words, “It just keeps me going.”

We’re a Family

Our caregivers have been with us for years and share a unique connection with each other and with their patients. It’s like a family motivating each other to do their best. As Ann Garcia says, they are “people who inspire me to be better. These are people who believe in me, people I emulate, people I serve with and people I care for.”

Do You Want to Know More?

Due to injury, illness or aging, older adults may need a little extra help in doing their day to day activities. They will need more time and care that you might not be able to provide. But worry not as Com For Care is here to help. Our Assisted Living care homes can be the solution to your senior loved one’s needs. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.